Thank you for visiting my blog

Thank you for visiting my blog
Thank you for visiting my blog I am really appreciated that you spent your time visiting this blog. I am just a woman who love to travel to beautiful&romantic places in Thailand and to share many nice experiences to you.So, I would be glad if you could share your comments about beaches and islands. enjoy all the amazing singhts of beautiful Thailand

Koh Samui,the paradise island in the Gulf of Thailand

Koh Samui,the paradise island in the Gulf of Thailand,is rich with natural abundance.Here ones can find many marvellous sandy beaches,waterfalls,and plenty of green coconut frams.In 1897,it was set us as a district of Surat Thani province,with the administrative offices at Ao Na Thon.Right now,this very bay has become the center of transportation of this island.Covering an approximate area of 247 sqkm and surrounded by 53 minor islands,koh Samui is the third largest island of Thailand atter Phuket and Koh Chang.It is located in the north of the Surat Thani,approximately 84 km.away from land and 750km from Bangkok.

Koh Samui has a number of peaceful beaches in the north, the west,and the south of the island.Examples are Haad Choeng Mon and Haad Bo Phut in the north,Haad Na Thon and Haad Taling Ndam in the west,and Haad Bang Kao,Haad Na Tian,and Haad Lamai in the south.As for the east of Koh Samui,there are actually around 20 beaches that are known under only one name,Haad Chaweng.So it is not Surprising that this beach stretches extremely long from the very north to the southern tip of this great island,and there are the most tourists,shops,and accommodations at this part of the island.

Koh Samui is an island in Surat Thani,a seaside province of Gulf of Thailand It is the third largest island of thailand after Phuket and Koh Chang of Trat.And the biggest island with the largest population in Surat Thani province.

Sometime called the coconut Island,Koh Samui is one of the most famous and popular destinations of Thailand.
After the beauty of Koh Samui has been revealed to the eye of the world,the amount of tourists coming to this place increases dramatically evry year;and Koh Samui has developed greatly from a small fishery-based island to the top-rated tourist city of Thailand.Despite the fast development,Koh Samui has still been able to maintain its charm and its classic image of a tropical beach resort very well.Visitors can always enjoy a mixed blessing of vibrant day and nightlife alongside with tranquility which can easily be found across the island at a different part of Koh this island, there are plenty of the essential services,resorts,hotels, and restaurants of verious rates,as well as travel agencies.As for cruising,one of most wonderful programs available today is to cruise around Mu Koh AngThong National Marine Park,Which is locationed in the northwest of Koh Samui.

Samui Airport

Koh Samui Airport (USM) is a private airport originally built by Bangkok Airways, which is still the main operator and was for a long time the only airline with services to Ko Samui from mainland Thailand. The airport is additionally served by Thai Airways International. Several ferries connect the island with the mainland, including the car ferry from Don Sak to a pier in the west of the island, south of the main town Nathon. Public buses to all parts of the mainland operate from a small bus station located in the south of Nathon. Songthaews (tuk-tuk style buses) circle the ring road, and private taxis are available throughout the island although these are often criticised for failure to use meters and flagrant overcharging.

The direct flight from Don Muang airport in Bangkok (or Singapore) to Samui is by far the most convenient way to come. Samui Airport is privately owned and operated by Bangkok Airways and the price of the ticket is high by comparison to other comparable destinations throughout the country, however the airport is a sight for sore eyes (and sore bodies). This delightful little facility has won International awards for its environmentally friendly design and bucolic charm.

You can also fly by Thai Airways to the Surat Thani airport and arrange for bus and ferry transportation to Koh Samui. Click for more information from Thai Airways

Geting There
By air
Bangkok Airways flies from Bangkok to Ko Samui 13 times daily. The flight takes ab out one hour and 10 minutes. It also offers daily flights between Phuket and Samui. Thai Airways operates fights from Bangkok to Samui Twice daily.
For more information, call Bangkok Airways, 0 2229 3456, 0 2229 3434, Samui office, 0 7742 2512 to 9 or Samui Airport Office 0 7724 5601 to 8, or Thai Airways' contact centre, 0 2356 1111.

By bus
Air-con and non-air-con buses leave Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal for Surat Thani several times daily. The trip takes about 11 hours.
For further details,
call the Southern Bus Terminal, 0 2894 6122

By car
From Bangkok, take Highway 4 (Buddha Monthon Road) through Phetchaburi, Chumphon and then drive on to Highways 41 and 401 to Surat Thani. From Surat Thani, visitors can take their cars to Ko Samui through a vehicle ferry at Donsak pier. The trip takes 1.30 hours.

By rail
Several trains leave Bangkok's Hualamphong Station for Surat Thani daily. The trip takes about 12 hours. The train/ bus/ ferry combination tickets are also available.
For details, call
the State Railway of Thailand, 1690, 0 2223 7010, 0 2220 4444 (RSVN),
0 2220 4334, 0 2621 8701.

From Surat Thani to Ko Samui
1. Express boat
1.1 An express ferry boat of Songserm Travel departs from Tha Thong pier in Surat Thani at 08.00 hrs. and arrives at Na Thon pier in Samui at 10.30 hrs. every day. For the return trip, the boat leaves Na Thon at 14.00 hrs. and reaches Tha Thong at 16.30 hrs.
1.2 Express boats of Seatran Express operate three times a day between Ban Don - Ko Samui. Departure times are 07.00, 12.30 and 14.30 hrs. The trip takes two hours.
2. Ferry boats
Ferry boats, each accommodating 60 cars and 400 passengers, sail from Don Sak pier (Surat Thani) to Ko Samui, one per hour, from 05.00 to 19.00 hrs., and from Ko Samui to Don Sak pier (Surat Thani), also one per hour, from 06.00 to 18.00 hrs. Each trip takes about 1.30 hours.
3. Night ferry
A slow night ferry leaves Ban Don pier nightly at 23.00 hrs. and reaches Na Thon at Samui around 05.00 hrs. (6 hours). For the return trip, the boat leaves Na Thon at 21.00 hrs. and arrives at Ban Don at 04.00 hrs. (7 hours).

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