Thank you for visiting my blog

Thank you for visiting my blog
Thank you for visiting my blog I am really appreciated that you spent your time visiting this blog. I am just a woman who love to travel to beautiful&romantic places in Thailand and to share many nice experiences to you.So, I would be glad if you could share your comments about beaches and islands. enjoy all the amazing singhts of beautiful Thailand

Koh Chang

Koh chang

The largest island in the Gulf of thailand, koh chang,is at the nearest from Trat coast, only about 8 km southwest of laem Ngob Cape.
At the heart of the island are high mountains and tropical rain forests which are the source of rivers and waterfalls, whereas the beaches are also attractive with various activities to enjoy.
Located not far from Bangkok and can be visited in any seasons, the island has been a popular tourist destination for more than 10 years, because of the ferry service that enables tourists to bring their vehicles to the island,and the good conditioned roads to most of the areas on the island.
The tourist who pay visit to Koh chang can have many optional activities and nature singhts. They can enjoy skin diving to appreciate coral riffs. Dayak canoeing, mountain bicycling,motorcycling around fruit orchards, bird observing, fishing,Elephant Trekking,Nightlife & Drink or riding on elephant to explore nature as well as relaxing by taxing traditional massage service.
To take a trip to Koh Chang is very convenent,since the road around the archipelage,74 kms.long,has been contructed with good condition. Hundreds of accomodation service along the beaches: bungalows, guesthouses, big resorts, are offered,especially along Hat Sai Khao and Kai Bae Beaches.
However, Alot of hotels and resorts as well as bungalows are found anywhere and will increase very soon including complete facilities such as shops,restaurants,filling stations,internet service,beauty sallons etc.

To get there: There are large ferries leaving Center Point Port at Trat to Koh Chang as well. It will be faster, around 20 minutes, and you can also load your vehicles to the island. The rate is 60 Bath per person, and 150 Bath for a car.


map of koh chang
It's most beautiful bays are Hat sai khao, Hat Kai Bae Beach,Hat Sai Yao,Ao Bai Lan,Ao Bang Bao,Aao Slakpet

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