Thank you for visiting my blog

Thank you for visiting my blog
Thank you for visiting my blog I am really appreciated that you spent your time visiting this blog. I am just a woman who love to travel to beautiful&romantic places in Thailand and to share many nice experiences to you.So, I would be glad if you could share your comments about beaches and islands. enjoy all the amazing singhts of beautiful Thailand

Laem Tian

Laem Tian is a cape where you can drive to see the beauty of the marine world, especially on a sunny day like today.

Laem Tian is a cape stretching out into the sea with a small lovely bay.It is a small sandy beach with a pile of stone at the head,and the water is not very deep.The fish around this beach is abundant and very friendly to tourists.Moreover,at the protruding end of the cape is also the best place to see Black - finned sharks.These are why Laem Tian is quite popular among trvelers.
Location & Get there visit...Koh Tao

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