Thank you for visiting my blog

Thank you for visiting my blog
Thank you for visiting my blog I am really appreciated that you spent your time visiting this blog. I am just a woman who love to travel to beautiful&romantic places in Thailand and to share many nice experiences to you.So, I would be glad if you could share your comments about beaches and islands. enjoy all the amazing singhts of beautiful Thailand

Koh Mae Koh

Koh Mae Koh is another island that I love to come after visiting Koh Wua Talap.High mountains and high cliffs cover most of the areas around the islands except in the southern part which is a long beach.This sandy beach serves as the island's harbor as well as a swimming area.

The highlight of Koh Mae Koh is a lagoon or Talay Nai.The lagoon is at the center of the island embraced by high cliffs.It is in the shape of ellipse like a volcano mouth,about 250 meters wide and 350 meters long.The water is appoximately 7 meters deep.and it is crystal clear all year.

Location: Situated in the north of Koh Wua talap
To get there: Koh Mae Koh is already included in touring program.If you do not by pakage, You can also hire the moterboat from Koh Wua Talap to the island.The journey takes around 10 minutes.

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